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Sr. DeFi Systematic Trader - Crypto Trading


I am working with a Global Crypto Quant Trading Firm that is building out a cutting edge DeFi trading platform utilizing .... DeFi Systematic Trader

BITFLEX Expands Cryptocurrency Trading Options with 5 New Convert Pairs | CoinGape - Crypto Trading


. BITFLEX aims to empower its users with a wider selection of cryptocurrencies, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers entering the crypto ...

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Trading Volume Collectively Surpasses $50B - Crypto Trading


. Spot Bitcoin ETFs have seen their trading volume surpass $50 billion, while also recording $251.5 million in net inflows Thursday.

Bitcoin's funding rate turns negative, but have traders turned bearish? - Crypto Trading


267 Total views.. Bitcoin price continues to soften, but $251 million in inflows to the spot Bitcoin ETFs is a show of the markets' strength

Valkyrie Launches Leveraged Bitcoin Futures ETF - Crypto Trading


. The launch comes after the successful debut of Valkyrie's spot Bitcoin exchange-traded product.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Break Record With $50 Billion Trading Volume - Crypto Trading


. The newly launched spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have exceeded $50 billion in cumulative trading volume, marking a significant ...

Cryptocurrency Trader Updates Outlook on Bitcoin and Altcoins, Says Chainlink Could Explode by 123% - Crypto Trading


Crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe tells his 695000 .... A widely followed crypto analyst is taking a look at altcoins as Bitcoin (BTC) stumbles

China's authorities to crack down on rising blockchain, metaverse crime - Crypto Trading


Bitcoin ETFs to trade on local exchanges after the U.S. ..

Moon Mission or Market Mayhem? Mastering Cryptocurrency Trading in 2024 - Crypto Trading


. Unlike traditional stock markets, cryptocurrencies can be traded directly between individuals through exchanges or peer-to-peer platforms, offering ...

In Lejilex vs. SEC, Cryptocurrency Goes on Offense in the Courts - Crypto Trading


. On Wednesday, a new crypto trading platform called Lejilex filed a lawsuit against the SEC in a federal court in Texas alongside its trade ...

This Cryptocurrency Darling Burned Through $2 Billion. Here's Its Survival Strategy - Crypto Trading


When its chief rival CME .... On its first day of trading in September 2019, Bakkt traded only 73 bitcoin futures contracts, worth around $700,000

South Koreans Are Going Large to Hoover Up Bitcoin - Crypto Trading


Risky altcoin trading usually makes up majority of the volume in South Korea. Tokens Traded on Korean Exchanges

Bybit's P2P Platform Sets New Standards for Crypto/Fiat Swaps and Zero Fees - Crypto Trading


. "With our zero-fee P2P trading platform we are nurturing a secure ecosystem where our community can trade with peace of mind." The platform's ...

Nigeria Clamps Down on Forex Traders Amid Persistent Naira Woes - Crypto Trading


. Nigeria rounded up foreign currency street traders and took aim at a popular crypto trading platform in its latest effort to stem the free-fall of ...

JPMorgan Sees Retail Traders Jump Back Into Cryptocurrency in February - Crypto Trading


. Mom-and-pop investors piling back into crypto markets after a January pause seem to be behind popular cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin and ...

How to Master Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading - Crypto Trading


Blockchain innovations, including the use of smart contracts, enhance transaction security and efficiency, further .... Future Trends and Ethical Trading

Spot Bitcoin ETF cumulative trading volume exceeds $50 billion - Crypto Trading


The ETFs also returned to net inflows, bringing in $251.4 million on .... Cumulative trading volume for spot Bitcoin ETFs broke past $50 billion yesterday

Trade Edge AI Review - Crypto Trading


In order to help them with this, .... Cryptocurrency traders may find themselves losing money due to incomplete knowledge when it comes to trading

Cryptocurrency Prices Slide on Friday But Traders Are Saying Meme Kombat Could Be Set to Surge - Crypto Trading


. There have been widespread losses in the crypto market today, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) pulling down major altcoins.

Unlocking Passive Income with DefiQuant's Automated Trading Bot - Crypto Trading


. In an ambitious move set to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency investments, DefiQuant is proud to announce the introduction of its automated ...

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