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Coinbase International launches perpetual futures trading for retail customers - Crypto Trading


. The recent regulatory approval for Coinbase's international subsidiary comes within a month of getting the NFA nod to offer crypto derivatives ...

Global trade group proposes crypto regulation principles - Crypto Trading


. Crypto trading should be regulated to similar standards as traditional financial markets, according to a new report from the World Federation of ...

WFE Issues Recommendations on Standards for Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms - Crypto Trading


. The six key principles will safeguard markets and enable the crypto sector to grow, said Nandini Sukumar, CEO of the World Federation of ...

Aetern Exchange Sets New Standards in Cryptocurrency Trading - Crypto Trading


Its .... Efficient Trading Platform: Aetern Exchange offers an efficient online trading platform for users to trade various cryptocurrencies

Bitfinex, Zodia Custody Hope To Set New Standards For Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading - Crypto Trading


What Happened: The agreement will allow Zodia's clientele to .... Crypto exchange Bitfinex is partnering with digital asset custodian Zodia Custody

Watch: Cryptocurrency Chat - Crypto Trading


Business Day TV spoke to .... Cryptocurrencies have been trading sideways, influenced by various industry developments and macroeconomic factors

Coinbase Secures Approval To Offer Pepertual Futures Cryptocurrency Trading to Non - Crypto Trading


crypto futures trading for eligible non-US traders. ..

Coinbase Launches Perpetual Futures Trading for Retail Cryptocurrency Traders Outside the US - Crypto Trading


He has a passion for Bitcoin, open-source code, and decentralized .... Redman has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2011

Coinbase To Offer Perpetual Futures To Retail Traders Outside the US - Crypto Trading


. “The global crypto derivatives market represents ~75% of crypto trading volume worldwide, clearly indicating a strong demand from traders for ... Partners with PayPal and Paxos: Preferred for PYUSD Trading - Crypto Trading


., a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has joined forces with payment giant PayPal and blockchain infrastructure firm Paxos.

ChatGPT's Live Feed Access: Game - Crypto Trading


Real-time analysis, news updates, trade suggestions, & risk management to boost .... Unlock crypto trading potential with ChatGPT's live feed access

XRP and Dogecoin Can Now Be Traded Against PayPal's PYUSD on - Crypto Trading


. has expanded its offerings by incorporating new trading pairs, including notable cryptocurrencies such as Ripple-affiliated XRP, ...

Coinbase Breaks Into Crypto's Biggest Market, for 'Perpetual Futures' Abroad - Crypto Trading


Trading in crypto derivatives is far more active than in the spot market.. The futures are used as an easy way to make leveraged bets on tokens Partners with PayPal and Paxos for PYUSD Trading - Crypto Trading


. partners with PayPal and Paxos for PYUSD trading, aiming to lead the way in global cryptocurrency platforms.

Coinbase receives regulatory approval to enable retail perpetual futures trading - Crypto Trading


. The global crypto derivatives market represents ~75% of crypto trading volume worldwide, clearly indicating a strong demand from traders for ...

Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin nears $26500; Ethereum tops $1600; Altcoins trade mixed - Crypto Trading


. The global cryptocurrency market cap was trading slightly higher, falling to $1.05 trillion-mark, as it rose about half-a-per cent in the last 24 ...

Coinbase to let retail users outside the U.S. trade Bitcoin and Ethereum futures on its ... - Crypto Trading


. As of Thursday, small-time investors, as opposed to only deep-pocketed institutional traders, will be able to apply to trade the risky financial ...

Coinbase expands futures trading services globally - Crypto Trading


It facilitates .... The global futures market plays a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, accounting for nearly 80% of the total crypto market

Coinbase Rolls Out Futures Trading for Retail Cryptocurrency Traders Globally - Crypto Trading


. The crypto exchange has set its sights on global expansion amid ongoing legal challenges from the SEC in the U.S..

Bitfinex teams up with Zodia Custody in boost to institutional trading - Crypto Trading


crypto exchange for trading. ..

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